BOA Elite is an elite Affiliate Network which gives you access to promote a wide selection brands, without the hassle of signing up with loads of programs. What this means is that you benefit in terms of higher payouts while needing only a single account to manage all your campaigns.


BOA Lotto is an offshoot of BOA Elite and the first and only Lotto Affiliate Network out there. BOA Lotto gives you the ability to connect to an entire industry with just one system and direct your traffic to over 30 different lottery brands.

“Squeeze more from your traffic with BOA Lotto”


BOA Lotto connects you to over 30 different lotto brands around the world and pays $45 for each CPA you bring in. When you relay your traffic with BOA Lotto, you know there is always someone to handle and convert profit out of your traffic, no matter the volume.

With BOA Lotto, you can rest assure knowing you work with a professional and reliable company that makes sure every user and every visitor is always accounted for and that you get paid accordingly.